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Jeronimo Hammock in Blue/White Stripes


Kick off your shoes, and lay in the luxurious comfort of your hammock, woven by artisans from Sucre, in Northern Colombia.

San Pelayo Hammock in Beige


The intricate details of the weave and its macramé skirt will stun your guests.

Tuchin Hammock in Black/White Stripes


Relax in this traditional Colombian hammock yourself, or gift it to a beloved friend or family member.

Sucre Hammock in Grey/White Stripes


Join the Tasselmania! Create an oasis in your home and dive into coziness in this luxurious hammock.

Santander Macramé Hammock in Blush


100% cotton hammock woven with Macramé skirts. Available also in 3 other colors: a classic natural cotton off-white, fresh mint, and pale blue.

Santander Macramé Hammock in Beige


100% cotton hammock woven with Macramé skirts. Available also in 3 other colors: a romantic blush, fresh mint, and pale blue.

Paloma Hammock in Multicolor Patterns


Each chinchorro tells a different story and this one is a colorful poetry.

Ursula Hammock in White


Daydream of white-sand beaches on the Caribbean coast while lying in the Ursula hammock.

Macondo Hammock in Pink


This single person, lightweight Macondo hammock is 100% cotton with an intricately crocheted skirt that exudes femininity.

Trinitaria Hammock in Fuchsia Pink and White


Catch up on your beauty sleep in the Trinitaria chinchorro.

Santander Macramé Hammock in Mint


Top Seller with 100% cotton hammock with Macramé skirts. Choose from 4 different colors: a fresh mint, classic off-white, romantic blush, and pale blue.

Macondo Hammock in Navy Blue


This hammock is perfect for the weekend at the lake or the beach with friends and family on a hot summer day.